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Pre-Operation Update #3

My bypass surgery has been scheduled for March 12th.

The surgeon is a great guy from NY too so we speak the same language 🙂

He showed me and my son Jim the video of my heart.

It was worse then I thought.  One artery was 99% blocked and a new artery took its place. So my body created a new artery to take the place of the one that is blocked.

If this wasn’t caught I would be dead soon.

They call this the widow maker because there are no warning signs other then keeling over dead.

My weight has stabilized at about 192.

I feel ok other then being short of breath and waning energy levels.

I am looking into a whole foods, plant based diet which I have tried in the past but lost too much muscle. But now I am on a mission to find the solution.

My exercise after surgery will be walking but I will get back in the gym as soon as I can.

I will journal my nutrition and exercise regimen as I go.



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