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Pre-Operation Update #2

I have an appointment with my heart surgeon in a couple of days, I will find out the date of the bypass surgery then. It should be within the next week or so.

I know a lot of good is going to come out of this.  In 1979 I had to rebuild my body after a near fatal car accident. Now I have the opportunity again. This won’t be near as dramatic but it does give me a unique opportunity to journal my steps to recovery and help a lot of people in the process.


Bring some awareness to this hidden killer.  I would be dead in months if I didn’t catch this and there were NO warning signs.

My weight has been steadily dropping the last few years. My typical walking around weight is around 215 to 220 and pretty lean. Today I am 192 lbs. I’m curious to see how much weigh I lose after the surgery.

Coming back I think I am going to keep my weight in the 190’s and lean. Getting older I don’t want or need the extra weight.

I am eating a lot more vegetables.

I’m eatnig more fish, trying to lean how to cook salmon so I like it and so it is easy.

I’m trying to drink more water, shooting for a gallon a day.

I have spent the last week getting my house ready for me to come home from the hospital. I feel like a nesting mother. 🙂

I’ve also shaved my chest to get ready for the big day.

Please share these posts to bring awareness to this hidden killer.

It may save the life of someone you love. 



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