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Getting The News

On February 13, 2019 I went in to have a Cardiac catheterization so my cardiologist could take a peek at my arteries leading to my heart.

My cardiologist thought worse case scenario I will need a stint.

To both of our surprise I need a double or a triple bypass.

A Little History

In 1979 I had a near fatal car accident that changed the direction of my life. I spent the rest of my life raising a family, (I have amazing kids) building business’s and studying my hobby, health and fitness.

In 2019, 40 years later I will under go bypass surgery. If I said I wasn’t a little scared I would be lying.

As a young man I was a runner. My favorite thing was being on a relay race and being handed the baton in last place. I lived for coming from behind and winning.

As an older man I am still the same, I love the underdog and I love being the underdog. I live for it in business and in my personal life.

This bypass surgery is going to change the direction of my life and how I live it and serve the world.

My friend John Carlton calls me Dr disturbo  I guess because I like to disturb the status quo. I don’t just sit back and take what the world has to offer, I go out and challenge the world. And I like to think I have a positive impact in it at some level.

My work isn’t done and in fact I am going to come back and disrupt the health and fitness industry, the government, lobbyists and special interest groups because we are going through what I call “American Genocide”.

The government and insurance companies dictate our health care and influence what we eat. The fat politicians dictate what we eat and what is supposed to be healthy. It has nothing to do with health or our best interest, it’s all about profit. And I’m pissed!

I’ll be resting up the next couple of months. I’ll be healing and banging it out in the gym as soon as I can but I will be back stronger and more out spoken then ever!!!

I’m not done. I’m just getting started!

Follow this blog to see how I get back in the best shape of my life.




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