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Unusual Ab Exercise For A Flat Tummy (In only 4 measly minutes a day)

I’ve spent the majority of my adult life doing traditional abdominal exercise.

Crunches, sit up, leg raises, etc, etc and my abs seldom felt worked and never got more toned.

Until I discovered this much over looked ab exercise…

The killer ab exercise that has brought my abs back and has strengthened my whole core and eliminated my chronic back problems.

All in just 4 minutes a day.

This incredible exercise is..

Drum roll please..


I thought planks were, to be candid, a sissy exercise, but once I started doing them I realized I was the sissy.. they are tough to say the least.

What I’ve been doing and I suggest you start off doing this as well is setting the timer on my phone for a minute.  Then doing a minute of planks, then resting 30 seconds or less and then doing another minute.  I do this 4 times right now and my abs are sore, toned and tight.

Planks are simple to do.

Simply rest your forearms on the ground, balancing on your forearms and feet with your body straight as a plank. Once in position, hold that position and suck your stomach into your  back as much as you can.



That is it.  Simple, effective…


 NOT easy!

Please let me know if you can feel and see a difference with this amazing and over looked exercise.





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