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3 Simple Steps To Take When Life Hits You Hard

The last time I posted was on July 12th.  That was 17 days ago.

Life happens to all of us,  even those of us that write, do TV and radio and want to do our best to help others struggle. I like to share victories and challenges because that is all part of life and play into our physical, mental and spiritual health.

To be honest the last few years have been very hard and over the last few weeks things really got me down.  I only worked out sporadically and I haven’t been eating enough or eating frequently enough.   My weight is down, my energy is low and just not feeling like myself.

This happens to everyone and we all handle it different.  Some may eat more, others like me eat less.  Some will work out more others like me will give the gym a bit of a break or completely stop working out. Some will do other unhealthy things to help get through a rough time.

The blessing in this is I am learning new tools to help in an area that I was unfamiliar with until now.   I am also blessed to have the best experts in the world to reach out to for help and as I learn things I can share with you.

Here are three things John Taylor has me working on that have really helped.

3 Steps To Get “You” Back

  1. Be honest with yourself.  Write down what you are going through.  I do this and use a journal app called Day One.
  2. Design your perfect day starting with your perfect morning.  My friend Craig Ballantyne has a great book called The Perfect Day Formula
  3. Know what is real and what isn’t.  We have a tendency to think that our feelings are the truth.  Feelings ARE NOT the truth.  The key is to know the difference between the two. Spending time alone, being aware of what you are going through. Journaling will help with this.

Now lets get to the workout.

I have been working out one body part a day and over the years I have found this works best for me.  I do change things and have done so recently but keep coming back to this.

Workout Split

Day 1: Legs

Day 2: Chest, Biceps & Abs

Day 3: Back & Triceps

Day 4: Shoulders & Abs

Day 5: Biceps (sometimes I combine days 5 & 6 and do arms on one day)

Day 6: Triceps & Abs

I typically do 5 exercises for each body-part of 4 sets each.  This isn’t written in stone I go by how I feel and the amount of time I have.

To sum things up, we all have issues but the key is to be aware of it and work on yourself in and out of the gym.




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