• It's time to draw a line in the sand

You draw a line in the sand… then what?

The last several years have been challenging at best.

I lost a business and that put me deep in debt.

My personal life became a nightmare. (I will never give details in this or any other area that involves another person)

I started a new business that did and is doing well and we are touching lives around the world.

I once read don’t export what isn’t working at home. So I won’t.

The good news is I learned a ton during this season in my life and I want to share the things I learned from others that have helped me through this challenging time which isn’t over yet.

One thing I learned is I can only be responsible for me.

I can only change me.

I can’t expect others to handle things the way I would.

When other lie about you or are gossiping that is their issue not yours.

I know for me I have to wake up every day and look at myself in the mirror.  I don’t always do things right but I do my best.

A good friend sent me this note today but I can’t mention who it was as I didn’t ask permission.

“Love, just give yourself permission first. Just start there, no need to force anything 🙂

Step by step.

You are worthy of love. Allow yourself to be loved, by you.”

I have a struggle in the area of loving myself.  So that is an area I have to work on.  I don’t really know why but it is an area I have to work on.

Do you have an area you should address soon?  Maybe today?

Feel free to leave a message below and lets get a conversation going.  We can all help each other.

No one is an island, no one is perfect and no one has all the answers. But together we can change the world starting one person at a time.  Starting with me and you!



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