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Be Honest With Yourself

Every day is a gift, yet so often we refuse the gift God is giving us and look for the problems in it instead of the blessing.

We don’t do this deliberately but often times we some how end up there, bitter, disillusioned and not knowing what to do to turn things around.

Many of us have a tendency to make excuses and justify our actions NOT only to others but to ourselves.

  • If I’m fat I eat too much and don’t move enough.
  • If I have issues in my business I need to take responsibility and find out what is going on and how to correct it.  Not look for a scape goat.
  • If my relationships are rocky then I need to communicate and get to the root of the matter.  Not look for fault like there is a reward.

These all sound simple and they are but it is so easy to deceive ourselves.  To make excuses instead of solutions.  Place blame instead of take responsibility.

Excuses are like an off ramp, once you start on it you are going in a different direction but is the direction righteous? Is it the right thing? Or are you just protecting yourself?

I find I am much better off examining my own heart and finding the truth within, then looking outward and placing blame.  This then gives me the ability to grow through any situation, to work on things, to put my effort where it belongs and most importantly be in the moment with other people.  To restore broken relationships with those that are important to me and to be mentally available to others because I am present and not self consumed out of self preservation.



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