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UX3 Restoration Radio is proud to have on celebrity trainer Mike Ryan. Mikes rise to the top in the fitness industry was not without obstacles. He has over come challenge after challenge and this gave him a view point that allows him to whip top celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson into shape for upcoming movie rolls. Listen in…

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John Rowley: Hi, this is John Rowley. Welcome to UX3 Restoration Radio. This is an exciting show for me, he is a good friend, he is one of my mentors, one of my go-to people and he is also a business partner. We’ve got a program coming out later this year that we’ll let you know about. His name is Mike Ryan; he is a celebrity trainer. He trains everybody. I’m not going to drop names because I will let you do that. Mike, good to see you, man.

Mike Ryan: Good to see you, John. Proud to be here. Excited to be here.

John Rowley: I am too. I’m excited to have you on here, and I will be seeing you tomorrow in the gym. So, hopefully, I’ll get to work out with you a little bit.

Mike Ryan: Of course, we will throw around some iron as we always do.

John Rowley: Exactly. I’ll throw a little less around than you do, but we’re working on that. The theme of this podcast, the theme of the show is restoration and one of the reasons I wanted you on, is so many people will see you, and they will say, “This guy has never had a problem in his life. He’s never had anything to overcome; he is in great shape, he is good looking, he lives in Venice California, and he’s got the whole gig happening.” Yet, I know you’ve had challenges to overcome to both coming back from India and some other things in your life. What I love you to start with is kind of give an overview of your story and then after you give us kind of an overview of your life and you were born a poor black child that kind of thing, and then …

Mike Ryan: I had the chickens.

John Rowley: Then we will talk about some of the challenges that you had to overcome.

Mike Ryan: First, like I said, I’m honored to be here, I’m excited. It is true, people see me like, “Oh, you lucky bastard, you do this, you do that.” Luck is a component of course, but you have to work hard in anything you do, in anything you want. Of course, with hard work comes obstacles that you have to overcome. Reading the thing and I’m not a sorrow case. I know you’ve had a massive accident, and it affects your physical ability today I was fortunate enough I’ve never had that. My dad was in a horrific car accident. It ruined basely his high school football career. 3 people died. He walked away, and it was just like, “Wow.” I’ve been fortunate enough I’ve never had anything traumatic like that.

My first major setback I was lucky enough to get a scholarship to play college football, and while I was about to step on the turf in Virginia my urethra tube collapsed and nothing could flow and I couldn’t go to the bathroom. My stomach is swollen. It was like my first time I’ve had something traumatic happened to my life that rushed me to the hospital. They’d induced me. They had to take me for a massive surgery, and I’m 19 years old thinking’s I’m on top of the world. College football star to all of a sudden this kid who had to walk around with a colposcopy bag. It’s such a back it’s like, “Oh my,” and it happened to me at such an early age I was like, “Holy shit, where do I come back from here? Can I play again? Can I ever participate again?”

College football is the businesses so to being number one to all of a sudden you’re hurt you’re injured. You’re back in the dummy shit. You don’t even get to see the field, so you had to work harder than anyone. You had to do everything. Like my summers, I didn’t have any summers. It was like train, work, train again. Constantly keep doing that, keep doing that, and finally, I got back that I thought I would be competitive again in a freak accident just right before a game starts. The day before one of the defensive lineman crushes me and shutters my clavicle. Like here I am like, “Oh shit I work my ass off. I finally get to where I can be again then a crazy collision that kind of fucked my career again.” There you go you don’t play again. You’re back the coach hates you. You’re not applicable good anymore. You’re not durable, and these were just things that just happened. They’re just crazy instances that happened.

All of a sudden at 20 I’m like here I am I was like whatever I thought I was this college star and hadn’t stepped on the field yet. I’ve been hurt, hurt, hurt so I learned at an early age why you had to really work hard to overcome, to persevere and to endure. You see your career especially as a young guy you see where you want to be. You watch ESPN. You see Sports Illustrated I’m like, “Okay all my life I’ve been going to football camps. I’ve been training. I sacrificed my high school years. I didn’t goof off. I didn’t go partying like my friends. I focused on what I had to do to get my goal, and I got a scholarship through Visual and School and from there I was going to step into the NFL and life was going to be great.” Then it was like, “Smack injury operation. Smack injury operation.” I’m like, “Holy shit.”

Half of me is like, “I don’t want to do this anymore. I just want to be a regular guy. I want to go to frat parties. I want to drink and have fun but for some reason, I just kept [gotten out 00:04:34].” Then finally, when my opportunity came I got to play. It was my last year of playing, someone got hurt, and they stepped me in, and I got to play the rest of the year. It was kind of rewarding and from there I didn’t get drafted by the NFL by any means, but I was selected to go play in Europe. Wilson the Athletic Football Company they took a bunch college all-stars that though it would be good ambassadors to the sport and brought us to Europe. We played European teams, and we brought the game to Europe, so that was my first comment overcoming adversity, not to the ends of great of someone like you but to me, it was pretty traumatic. Especially as an 18-year-old high school all-star.

John Rowley: You said something that I find really funny. My car accident was bad but I look at other people, and they’ve lost limbs. There is always something that’s worse. What comes to mind is funny. I was lying in bed after that car accident. It was probably 6 months later I was still in bed, and one of my friend walks in and he is wearing flip flops. He walks in I saw his whole face he felt to so bad. The guy looked awful. He looked so bad, and he is like and then he hits his foot onto my chair. He is jumping around the room holding onto his foot. In that moment, his little toe being banged was way more important than what I was going through (laughing).

Mike Ryan: Yeah, it’s all perception of course.

John Rowley: It’s all perception men. Your pain is way more important to you than anybody else’s pain but what you went through wasn’t just a stabbing of the toe. You did overcome a lot, especially with the injuries. That’s not easy to come back from. After you finished up your football career what was the next step for you?

Mike Ryan: I took fitness to the next level. I moved to California and then I just got into this whole fitness. I ran Gold’s Gym. I had a wonderful time. I was the GM at Gold’s gym in Venice which the coolest place in the world. You come there to train. It’s just needs. The place bleeds energy. There’s always someone there. It’s always something going on. It was fun, so I did that for about almost 7-years, and then I left to work with Bill Philips and Muscle Media, and I went on my own. We created something pretty special with Bill. He ended up selling the company, and I had this whole slew of celebrities that I was always tending to when he sold they we’re like, “Mike, what are you going to do?” I said, “Well I’m still your guy if you want.” They were like, “Hell yeah.”

I was thankful that I had these relationships. I nurtured these relationships, and these guys trusted in me so when he later sold I just became independent. I started with Micky. I started working with Dwayne. I was invited to work on Fight Club. I was invited to work on American beauty. All these like wicked cool projects that they took me on and then from there my career just kind of blossomed. I became the Men’s Fitness spokesperson, and I started working in Hollywood then I started working in Bollywood. Bollywood is India’s version of Hollywood. I got a great opportunity to move there to train like the top echelons of Bollywood stars. I’m like, “Well shoot I’ll try it. I can still come back and then I decided rent out my place for a year. Get a place out there and then just try living an Indian lifestyle and going out to.

John Rowley: Before we go any further, before I forget, I want to point this out. Mike is very humble with the people he has worked with. Micky is Micky Rourke. Dwayne is Dwayne the Rock Johnson. Fight Club was Brad Pitt. He also worked with Ned Norton is that right?

Mike Ryan: Yes.

John Rowley: Can you drop a few more names or is that good?

Mike Ryan: Going back, I worked with Spice Girls. How fun is that {laughing)?

John Rowley: Did you really? I just knew you were with the Spice Girls.

Mike Ryan: Yeah. Spice Girls that was wicked. Goodness, I have to sit on it and think about it because there was a slew of celebrities. I was fortunate to work with some really cool athletes. Kobe when he was a kid. I helped him with his nutrition, and now he is just a mega star on basketball. I had some other cool opportunities. Running Gold’s Gym, I would meet the members of the Presidential Secret Service and then when I went private these guys always kept in touch with me, “Like hey we want to train with you. We’re in town.” I’m like, “Wow, you guys are elite. You guys fuck up the president goes down.” They’re like, “We want to work with you.” Working with like the elite force of the Presidential detail Secret Service was pretty fascinating. Then, of course, you have just crazy lunatics that show up they want to train.

John Rowley: Like me?

Mike Ryan: Yeah, like you.

John Rowley: I’ll be training with you tomorrow. You moved over to India for how long?

Mike Ryan: I signed on to go out for a year, and it was … There when you land the good thing my clients were they said, “India it is what it is. It’s a thriving country, but it’s still technically Third World. You’ll see wealth, but you’ll see an abundant of poverty so prepare for it. You’re going to see kids on the streets with no arms, no legs, no eyes begging for money.” You can’t really pull. You’re hardcore, so it’s like, so they kept me forward. I was meant to prepare for it, and that’s what it was. It was a country of just overwhelming colors. It’s an assault on your sense. The colors, noise, pollution, poverty but love. It’s funny. I would come out of a bar sometimes, yes I drink. I would come out of a bar as I had no idea where I am. I’m in South India no one speaks any English. I had no … Like people would put me in their cars and drive me to someone house to sober me up.

It was just like would stories like that, so the people were just warm loving and daring but of course, you think everything is going great. Everything is going great. It was toward the fall. I think I had food poisoning. You could always see me throwing up and number 1 and number 2 you’re like a Chinese firecracker. Everything come out both ends so like a couple days of that you think, “All right I’m fine you start drinking. You want to start to try to heal again.” My clients are like, “Are you okay?” I’m like, “Yeah yeah it’s just food poisoning you know.” 2 days later the next thing would happen. It’s started to exploding again. I’m like, “Holy shit what’s going on.” I tell my guy I think I had food poisoning. He was like, “Are you all right?” “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m fine.”

The third time to strike I just went to my client’s house. I would just get up and just walk around. I walked over, and he just answered the door and he’s like, “Holy shit, did you look at yourself?” I’m like, “Whatever. Boggy hanging on in my nose.” He’s like, “You’re yellow.” I look like Homer Simpson. John just said to me my liver shut down and also when he said that. I was just kind of like, “Holy shit I’m pitch yellow,” and then they just rushed me to the hospital. I’m in the hospital, and I am one of those guys that you hate to see at the hospital. That everything came out. I was on the floor, and I was just exploding in both ends and it was so disgusting, so humiliating. I’m like, “Where I’m I? What I’m I doing? Why can’t I stop?” It was just a disgusting time.

They sedate you, and they put you in a bed. They stuck you into fluids. They stuck you into antibiotics everything. I’m just lying in this Indian hospital bed, and the doctor would speak English, but that’s it. People come they try and talk to me I’m like, “I got no idea what you’re doing. Don’t touch me and bring me.” I’m starting to freak out. My comfort zone is shuttered. People are like probing me I’m like, “Don’t fucking touch me. I’m fucking tired of this. I haven’t eaten in 3 days. I’m stubborn.” They give me a little food, and I would just rifle it out of me so after a series of tests they come back, and they find out, “Yeah, your liver is infected. Your liver is diseased. You have hepatitis.” I’m like, “Oh shit, you got to be kidding me.” I’m like, “I got to get out of here.” I was in quarantine. I couldn’t do anything.

I’m lying in an Indian hospital I’m like, “Can I just go to my …” because I had an apartment, “Can I go to my apartment and sleep?” They drove me to my apartment, and I was just sweating all the time. I’m lying in a cold floor, and the only thing I could basically eat was like prison food. It was like dried rice and carrots. It was just fucking terrible and even when I eat that I would just throw up violently, and I would tell people and girls in LA are so wacky. I’m like, “I lost 26 pounds.” Girls be like, “Wow how do catch hepatitis?”

John Rowley: Breathe on me.

Mike Ryan: Breathe on me totally. It was that insane, so here I am aging thinking like, “All right I went through my trials and tribulations as a kid. This is going to be the time that it’s all. You reap the rewards of your hard work then all of a sudden you’re always just like it blindsided. I was just lying on a floor in a Third World country just violently sick thinking, “How is this possible?” Where do I go from here?” I want to get out of it, but I couldn’t fly. Even my clients are like, “You can go home back to LA back to, but you can’t fly your pitch yellow. They’ll put you on a no-fly list, and you don’t want to do that. You don’t want them to have your name so just give it time.” After it was like 10 days, I’m still fucking yellow.

I’m like, “Oh, my God.” I went back to the doctor he’s like, “You just have to let everything. You have to get everything out. There’s nothing you do. You’re got to let it run its course. You’re just going to be violently sick for up to 30days.” I’m like, “You got to be shitting me,” literally so [inaudible 00:13:42] him. Just it was one of those things that I had to just ride the wave of just fucking misery. Yeah, after 30 days I got to fly, and they’re like, “Well your eyes are still yellow.” I’m like, “Give me some fake glasses. I’ll pretend I’m like visually impaired.” He slipped me the glasses. I’m walking up to the booth I’m feeling things out of the way. Okay, and people are holding my hands like I can’t because I didn’t want them to see because if they saw my eyes they will fucking boot me off the plane.

The worst part was when I finally landed I come back, and you have to go through immigration in the states and the first thing you do you got to look in the, and they read your eyes. I’m like, “Oh shit, like how I’m I going to get through this?” I’m like right when I grabbed off the plane I grab a packet of salt. I’m like I’m going to burn the fuck out of my eyes.

John Rowley: They pulled you in [inaudible 00:14:30]?

Mike Ryan: Totally so I rub salt, rub salt. Pull my eyes lids back I’m like, “Aah.” After a pink red bloodshot so I have my glasses. I go to the immigration, and the guy is crazy. He is like, “Oh welcome. Look in these.” He looks at me he was like, “Oh, men.” I said, “Yeah, I don’t know what. I think I got an infection in my eyes.” He was like, “Oh, those are bloodshot.” He said, “Yeah, that Indian booze men that will do something to you.” He just starts laughing. He’s like, “Welcome home.” Stamps it on my. I’m like, “Thank goodness get me out of here.”

John Rowley: At that point in your life, you really did need to restore your body and your life because you lost a bunch of weight. I’m assuming you lost a bunch of energy as well. You weren’t like yourself.

Mike Ryan: Every doctor says a liver it’s a vital organ. It filters everything, and you have to ginger it. You have to baby it. You have to nurse it so no extreme training. No stress on it. I was in LA I’m like, this is into December. I’m like, “I can’t live in LA with all my crazy friends to be bed ridden. I called my parents. I’m like, “I’ve got some good news and bad news.” They’re like, “What’s the good news?” “The good news is finally sick I got to come home.” My mom is like, “What’s the bad news?” The bad news is I’m going to live with you for like 2 months.” She was like, “Yeah, that is bad news (laughing).”

John Rowley: How was that? How was going back and living back home with your parents?

Mike Ryan: I loved it. It’s just like getting up I’m lie, “Where is my breakfast? Where is my dried rice for a day?” Yeah, so getting your laundry done and getting you food cooked and that was the fun part, but it was just tough. Because you couldn’t eat for like basically 2, 3 months and you couldn’t train. I’m like you, you take us out of the gym we’re like caged animals. I’m like, “Oh my God, I haven’t touched a weight in 2 months. I’m fucking literally going nuts.” I’m not a video game guy. I need to be active, and just I’m like, “Oh, God I was going crazy.” My poor past I was just like, I was probably so mean and like honored toward them [sha-la-ba-la-raah 00:16:25]. It wasn’t till I got back here probably in March. Back to LA in March that I finally went back to the gym, and I went back, and I just had no confidence.

I was pitch white I was skinny and I just like a mess. I’m like, “Oh here I go.” What a humbling effect. It’s not like we’re going to Eddie’s Gym in [inaudible 00:16:43] Iowa. We’re going back to Gold’s Gym Venice where the best of the best. The physiques of all physiques are there. Of course, I walked in like, “Mike, it’s 80 degrees why are wearing a sweatshirt?” “I just feel cold.” I had sweatshirts and turtlenecks for like 2 months.

John Rowley: You probably had to hide everything.

Mike Ryan: Totally.

John Rowley: Did you find the nutrition and the exercising and everything that you do on a regular basis? You think that helped you recover quicker than say the average Joe?

Mike Ryan: Absolutely. The doctors were like, “You can be out 6 months to a year bedridden.” I’m like, “There is no fucking way that’s ever going to happen to me.” I took basically almost a month of just not moving to the next couple of months just not being active in the gym and watching everything I ate and be very conscious of my food and with that. You couldn’t eat rich foods. Imagine being in the east coast no rich foods, no desserts. I’d rather be in some prison camp in Russia.

John Rowley: It sounds like torture man.

Mike Ryan: Yes, send me a gulag. I can’t sit there and watch my pals eat rich pasta and all these other stuff. I’m like, “Oh, I’ll have some more vegetables.”

John Rowley: You’re a very disciplined guy. That’s one of the many things I respect about you. You can find that you’re disciplined when overcoming the last setback in India. You find that you’re disciplined, and you have us a played a role in getting well quicker.

Mike Ryan: Huge. Years of training especially when you’re a fitness model. I was the Men’s Fitness spokesperson, so I had to shoot all the time, so you learn how to you have to have mentally strong. Because when I would get these gigs. It’s not like body builders. Body builders getting shape. They do a show then they do a photo shoot. These guys be like, “Hey, Sunday morning we need you for a photo shoot in downtown.” I was like, “Oh, shit I always had to be on top of my game,” so that mental discipline came especially when you’re down and out. I was like, “Oh, my God, I want to quit. I just want to eat ice cream. I want to do everything.” That inalienability that old school mentality of like, “All right, I can do this. I can overcome this. This is nothing.” It kicked in, so it definitely saved me and it helped the healing process and the recovery process a 100 fold.

John Rowley: One thing I find even whether it be in business or your personal life. The lessons that we’ve learned as athletes and I was a runner but the lessons that we learned as athletes and then staying as I don’t if we’d be considered athletes but we work out.

Mike Ryan: Sure why not? Once an athlete always an athlete.

John Rowley: I think so. I find that the discipline we taught at an early age as an athlete the ability to overcome failure. When I first went into the business world, I was surprised that how many people had a negative connotation of failure whereas as in the gym or in the track or in the athletic field you don’t get better unless you fail.

Mike Ryan: Right absolutely yeah.

John Rowley: Do you find the ability to overcome failure and being able to overcome setbacks has helped you in every area of your life?

Mike Ryan: Without a doubt. Without a doubt. Like you said even from your [poplon 00:19:41] at little league stages you learn. You’re going to get thrown out. You’re not going to make it at first base. You’re not going to win the race but what do you do? You’re going to quit? No, you’re going to train harder, so the next time that opportunity comes, you’re going to be prepared and hopefully win. It’s been great except for women.

John Rowley: That’s a different story. I haven’t figured that one out yet.

Mike Ryan: Totally how’s that race going?

John Rowley: We’ll throw it tomorrow, but one of the things you’ve very disciplined is you get up at the same time every day most of the time. You get up you exercise. You’re very very consistent, very regimented. Can you bring us through the day in the life of Mike Ryan? Your average day, nothing fancy.

Mike Ryan: Like you said I usually get up at 4:00 and I’ll just go by how this week been going or I get up around 4:00 I have some substance right away. It’s a little protein bar and a half a banana or whatever. Brush my teeth. I don’t know why I brush my teeth before I go running. I always think I’m going to find a hot chick outside.

John Rowley: Not at 4:00 in the morning you’re not.

Mike Ryan: Totally it’s the dumbest thing, and all of a sudden I’m like, “Why are you brushing your teeth?” Then I run. I do road work. I’m a big fan of road work. I’d like to be outside. I like to run. People always say, “What about the stepper? What about the electrical? What about spinning?” I said everything is good, but personally, I like road work. I think champions run on the road because road work is effective. You recruit so many fibers. You recruit so many muscles. Stabilizers come to play, and there’s the elements. Some days it’s hot. Some days it’s pretty damn cold. Some days it’s wet. Some days it is dry and for me, I just run without any headphones. I like to clear whatever brain cells I have left and just to get out there and challenge myself. Then I come home I clean up. I like to make a good shit, and oddly enough I’ve been using UX3, which has been fantastic.

John Rowley: Oddly enough. Thank you.

Mike Ryan: John’s been wonderful. He sent me some UX3, and it’s excellent. It’s really good, so you have to try. You guys will go nuts over it, so I put it in a banana. A scoop of banana and frozen blueberries. Banana for potassium, frozen blueberries for antioxidants. I throw in a scoop of all natural peanut butter to get some good fats in my system. Get to raise my essential fats. I get the protein powder and then I use water. Sometimes I’ll substitute with omen milk, but I like water. Blend it up drink that and then I’m off to the gym. When I’m training or training my clients I always just have parachute food. Whether it’s protein bars something I can really get a good protein fix in and these days, it’s just protein bars, so I carry those with me.

Then when I come back for lunch, my lunch is I keep it simple. I’m not a gourmet guy. If I’m not eating with you, it’s like a protein. It goes through a procaine. We usually have like protein. Whether it’s steak. Whether it’s turkey. Whether it’s fish. Usually a nice carb, a simple carb; brown rice, yam, some more oak meal it’s fantastic and then vegetables. Brockley is great. Any color. When it gets vegetables, carrots, squash, any greens, so that’s my staple of diet. I try and so like food shake, food shake, shake or food whatever primarily it’s this.

John Rowley: If it’s high protein, you do vegetables. You do some complex carbs and healthy fats?

Mike Ryan: Yeah.

John Rowley: Pretty simple.

Mike Ryan: Very simple. Everything I do is simple.

John Rowley: That’s a diet book in 10 seconds by the way.

Mike Ryan: I know that. Totally it is. For me like I believe in the kiss there. You keep it simple stupid. Everything I do. My training when I design a program or when I work with someone. I’m not going to have you swinging from bars. I’m not going to try and balance one foot with a weight over your head. To me, that’s fine if you get the time you want to learn how to do that stuff and play great but I’m goals specific. I know iron works. I know when you train one body part a day I’ll crush it. I’ll let it recover, and it will develop, and you will get in shape. Those are my theories and my principles.

John Rowley: I still want to get into the day and the life of, but as long as we’re touching on a workout you change your workouts usually about every 3 months?

Mike Ryan: Now actually, I’ve been doing it less. I don’t even have a time like sometimes I’ll just wake up and be like, “I’m going to fuck with my training at all.” With the last week, I would get up, and I actually decided this week I would run. I would train in the morning at 4:30. I would lift weights. I would have a little more of a meal; protein shake, lift weights train then I find myself running in the evening. Just trying to shock my body to create to stimulate a desired response.

John Rowley: You typically hit one body part a day?

Mike Ryan: Yeah.

John Rowley: You work out 5 days a week, so you mix and match, but you do chest one day back one day shoulders one day and arms one day?

Mike Ryan: Yes, sir.

John Rowley: I’m understanding you’re right every once in a while you might do chest on Monday, but then a couple of weeks later you might be doing chest on Wednesday?

Mike Ryan: Correct yeah. I find this more efficient. For how I train and for how the people that I work with train. 45 to 60 minutes I can crush your muscle.

John Rowley: Yeah, without a doubt.

Mike Ryan: I can get the optimum results. I can beat it. There’s so many people like, “Oh I want to do chest back and arms and legs one day?” I’m like, “Mm-hmm (affirmative), but I won’t see you till March.”

John Rowley: Yeah, why there is nobody doing that but as far as your routine you’re very specific and a lot of people will look at you and they will say and I get this too, “I don’t have a time to live like a girl. “Hey, Mike, lives in the gym all the time. He is an author. He could do whatever he wants to do.” What they overlook is guys like us are usually way busier than the average guy.

Mike Ryan: It’s like the guy who owns the restaurant he doesn’t need his restaurant because he’s in the fucking restaurant all day long he wants to get the hell out of there. Imagine if you’re in a gym 8 to 10 hours a day. You think you want to spend the last 2 hours of your day training? If you look around, I’m not bashing a lot of trainers, but a lot of trainers just are on peak performance. Because they’re in all day long, and it’s last thing they want to do is train themselves. You don’t.

John Rowley: I found that when I owned my gym, I hated working out.

Mike Ryan: Yeah, because you’re there all the day long you want to get the hell out of there, but my mentality is make yourself a priority and so many people don’t and that’s how I preference every training. Every goal, every client I meet I say, “You got to make yourself a priority.” It’s like, “Oh, I’m a family guy. I get jobs. I get this and that to do. I say, “Of course, you do but if you don’t make yourself a priority your job is going to suffer. Your family is going to suffer. Your relationship is going to suffer. You have to make yourself a priority to get everything all your eggs in line.”

John Rowley: I agree with that. Now-

Mike Ryan: That’s point number 2.

John Rowley: Yeah, point number 2. We’ll go to that in a second. As far as your nutrition goes you tropically work out late morning and then after you work out is when you have complex carbs correct?

Mike Ryan: Correct yeah. I find with protein shakes if you don’t have the time. A good protein right after you train is great, but I feel food is essential.

John Rowley: Yeah, I agree with you.

Mike Ryan: There’s nothing better than getting like a good grilled steak or a grilled chicken breast with some really cool fresh organic vegetables and with some brown rice or a yam.

John Rowley: You’ll have lunch after you train and then I know you’re back in the gym training and working with people. What is your afternoon and evening look like?

Mike Ryan: Yeah, back in the gym training or I come back here and do a lot of computer work correspondence, and it’s I’ll have after my big meal. I’ll have a shake and then in between before my dinner, I have nuts around. I like to snack on nuts; walnuts, even peanuts, all man’s. Everything is unsalted. I get that thrill mix and then I’ll throw in some raisins once in a while for a little more taste. I find that as a good substitute and a good snack.

John Rowley: What time do you typically stop working?

Mike Ryan: It all depends. The last time I was here about freaking 8:00 but in an ideal situation if I get out there at 6:00 I’d be happy and then dinner would consistent of like fish or sushi or sashimi with some vegetables. I’d just like to have a good clean source of protein and a handful of vegetables.

John Rowley: Now you get up at 4:00 what time do you typically go to bed?

Mike Ryan: Everyone is going to kill me because I don’ sleep much. I got to my bed. I wonder at like 9:30 at 10:00 o’clock I’m usually in bed.

John Rowley: That’s about how my schedule is like. It’s similar. What are you working on right now? Not counting clients or anything else. You and I are working on a project with Chris Carrera. Can you explain that?

Mike Ryan: If we go into this, it’s about exposing a lot of celebrity secrets, celebrity diets and what’s the real truth. You read every grocery store you’ll see this magazine he did this. He did that, he does and 90% is bullshit because celebrities don’t talk to the public about what they’re doing as they shouldn’t. It’s their secret. It’s what gets them from B roles to A roles to Academy Award roles. It’s all and when you have a … Especially in Hollywood when you look good, and you feel good. It’s going to correspond. It’s going to relate better on film. You look at some of the guys who struggle in their careers like, “Well you could tell that’s when they’re in their drugs. You could tell that’s when they’re drinking,” and all of a sudden you find these guys like, “Men that guys is at the top of his game. That girl has been a top for a game.” She’s proud of her fitness routine. She boasts about how clean she eats.

Then you see it preserves there. It comes well on screen, so all these people that have all these celebrity diets or celebrity diet hacks revealed or exposed and all of these publications they’re usually crap. Like there’s a lot of guys out there that deal with celebrities, but we know the truth. We know what is going to get you from point A to point B in the most efficient proper way.

John Rowley: You’re one of Hollywood secret weapons behind it. No, you are, and you whip these guys into shape really quick. I want to have you on again when your course is ready, so we’ll do a whole show just on your course so you can kind of walk people through it which I’d like to do. In closing I’m trying to keep this to 30 minutes so people can just look at you, I’m just driving. In closing did I miss anything? Is there something that you feel is so important that maybe I overlooked that maybe you want to tell everybody about?

Mike Ryan: I think for your talk and restorations is to believe in yourself. Everyone from all walks of life you’re going to have adversity, and it’s just one of those of things whether you sink or swim and I want everyone to swim. There is no reason why you can’t. Like you said, I’ve known someone so manage like traumatic things that they overcame and they overcame, and these people are my role models. It’d be like, “Oh you had this and that.” I’m like, “Bullshit.” Look at all the poor soldiers coming back. Mentally they’re screwed. Physically they have no arms no legs. These guys are … The guys and women are just they’re inspirations because especially a lot of people tend to come to California because of the weather whatever. I see our guy running the other day with no legs. He had the prosthetics on, and I just stopped him. I’m like, “Are you a Vietnamese?” “Yeah, an RPG took me out. I was like you are my fucking inspiration of the day. I appreciate it.” Of course, he’s like, “Fuck that I want arms like you.”

John Rowley: Those kids need to be thanked.

Mike Ryan: Yeah, they do absolutely, and it’s all about overcoming adversity and restoring yourself to make yourself better and happy.

John Rowley: I agree with you 100%. Mike, I want to thank you for being here and everybody. Mike, I know you’re on Facebook. You can look Mike up on Facebook. He does a video usually every day. Do you have a website as well or just a Facebook?

Mike Ryan: Actually, everything is being restructured and reorganized so.

John Rowley: Hit Mike up on Facebook. He’s got a huge following. He does a video usually every day, and I get a pretty good laugh out of it. I get a pretty good laugh out of most of them.

Mike Ryan: I know that I try.

John Rowley: There are some really good information on there so look Mike up and Mike thanks so much for being here buddy.

Mike Ryan: John, thanks you’re the best. I’ll see you tomorrow. We’ll press some legs.

John Rowley: See you tomorrow and folks go to you can find a little bit about our UX3 protein replacement shake and be sure to look Mike up on Facebook and then also stay tuned. We’ll be having him back in another month or 2 when his product is ready. We can let you know about it and give you some details. Mike, thanks so much men.

Mike Ryan: Damn baby. All right thanks, buddy.

John Rowley: You’re talking like a [ingrown hand 00:32:09] grew next to you. I’ll see you later.

Mike Ryan: All right see you later.



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