Interview with Jon Benson

John Rowley has the honor of interviewing Jon Benson. Jon is a expert in diet and nutrition and is one of the top copywriters in the world. At a very young age he had a massive heart attack. He then went on to restore his body and his life. He shares his secrets with us today…

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John: Hi, this is John Rowley with the UX3  Restoration Radio. Today we’ve got a wonderful guest on. In fact, he’s not only a very, very close personal friend of mine he’s a mentor of mine. He’s a business partner of mine and he single-handedly turned my whole business and my life around. His name is John Benson and he is definitely one of the best copywriters in the world if not the best copywriter in the world. He’s a fitness expert. He’s a nutrition expert. He’s an expert with so many frickin’ different things that it’s almost annoying. How are you, John?

Jon Benson: I’m feeling pretty experted right now. I’m a copywriter so I can make stuff up. I’m good, I’m really good. How are you, John?

John: I’m doing good. Well as you know we had talked before and you know the theme of this podcast which is restoration, restoring your body, your mind or whatever to where it needed to be and may have been at one point. You’ve got a very, very dramatic story. I’d love you to share that with us if you don’t mind.

Jon Benson: Yeah, I’ll share the dramatic story but then I would like to come back and actually share what’s going on right now because the dramatic story’s going to sound really, well, crazy, dramatic, and you’re blurry by the way. Just so you know you’re very blurry right now.

John: I know, I’m noticing that. I’m trying to see if I can fix that.

Jon Benson: Very blurry, oh there we go.

John: I don’t know what happened.

Jon Benson: I got a little frog in the throat right now so I apologize for having to clear my throat a lot so yeah, there’s the dramatic story, the almost died, wheeled out on a gurney kind of thing and I’ll tell that story but then there’s the story that is going on right now which to me is even more serious, more dramatic, and I’ll talk to you about that as well. Like a lot of other entrepreneurs tend to be workaholics, you tend to be super passionate about what you do and a lot of people get into fitness because they were so out of it. I wasn’t one of those people. I got back into it. I played ball in college and was really active throughout my high school and college years but got out of it when I went into work for myself and by the time I hit 30 I was clinically obese and had numerous illnesses. I was diagnosed with heart disease at 25.

I ignored that because at 25 you think that you’re indestructible and you think oh who cares about this thing called cholesterol? I’m not going to get into the cholesterol debate because your cholesterol numbers are not nearly as important as people think they are but run with me on this one, when you have familial hyperlipidemia, which is what I have, and you have this weird genetic dysfunction which I also have these numbers are very important and I ignored them. I ended up with a massive heart attack in my early 40s. That’s very young to have a massive heart attack and almost die. I woke up in the middle of the night, it was 4 in the morning and that’s what they call the death hour in heart attack lingo. Four in the morning is the most common time to have a heart attack and most people don’t wake up from the one that I had. They just die.

I’m very lucky that I had gotten myself into good shape and I was fit but all the damage had already been done and I didn’t know that some of the things I was eating to actually be in good shape was contributing to the heart attack. It was counter intuitive, you know? I went through that and of course your whole life flashes in front of your eyes and you go through this immense amount of pain. You’re wondering, this is the end. I’m being rolled out on a gurney and then the next thing I know I hear we’re going to have to Care Flight this guy to a hospital. I’m like Care Flight me? How bad is this? 45 minutes later I’m on a cath table getting stents put up my femoral artery and just realizing, kind of coming to terms with what had just happened and how severe it was. I was hearing the guys in the hospital talk about I don’t think he’s going to make it and I grabbed one of the guys by his hand and I said shoot with me straight, am I going to live?

He goes dude, I can’t tell you. I don’t know. When some people have heart attacks they’re going you’re having a mild heart attack, it’s going to be okay. With me it was not a mild heart attack. It was a severe heart attack and they were like I don’t know if you’re going to make it. I remember just being really pissed off and saying fuck you, I am going to make it. Hopefully this isn’t a family podcast but I did, I literally said that out loud. I said no, I’m going to make it and I made it obviously.

John: Obviously.

Jon Benson: That’s 10 years ago. The thing is that that’s dramatic and that’s a culmination of a lot of different ways as my incredibly beautiful, hot, sexy wife Rose says of being out of alignment with yourself, out of alignment with your higher purpose, out of alignment with source, out of alignment. I was out of alignment in so many ways it was borderlining on Mozart in the movie Amadeus. Completely like people thought of you as a kind of genius in your area and you were completely self destructive at the same time. The only thing, I wasn’t doing drugs, I wasn’t drinking. I wasn’t doing any of the stuff that you would think would contribute to such a radically destructive health thing. All I was doing was working too hard and eating some wrong foods for a long time and then eating wrong foods that you’d think were right.

That was a huge turning point in my life and it led to the creation of a couple of different products and my dietary philosophy that’s served me well to this very day, and the reversal, by the way, of the blockage in my other 2 arteries. The last time I had a CT scan done the blockage was gone. It’s not supposed to have, very rarely does it happen and it did happen here. That’s on a high fat diet, by the way, in case anyone’s curious. It was a low carb, high fat diet. There are things that I figured out about heart disease that I love to talk about but that’s really not I don’t think where we need to go.

Fast forward to today. I’m 52 years old now and my wife and I just got back from vacation, and by the way when I say my wife we were married in spirit so if anyone’s curious, hey so in case you’re wondering. Interesting thing. I was having one health issue after another that was mostly nagging stuff like my knee would give out, my back would start hurting, my neck would start hurting. Then it got not so trivial. It got into gastritis. Now granted I went through a separation from my soon to be ex-wife and that was a traumatic experience if anyone’s gone through that and I did very stupid things during a 3 to 4 week period of time. I very rarely drink a lot. I drank more than I normally do. Not a lot, it wasn’t excessive, it didn’t have to be but what was excessive was I was overcoming 2 surgeries at the same time and I was on high levels of NSAIDs, just Advil.

They gave me narcotics and I didn’t want to take them because I didn’t want to be drugged up so I took them a little bit but I was like no, I’ll just stick to Advil. Worst mistake I could have made. It triggered this massive bout of gastritis and my stomach lining was just ripped to pieces. Very painful, ended up in the hospital again and I’m like man, I’m just falling apart here. I’d been battling that for the last 6 months until last week. I mean I was doing everything holistically you can think of to heal this ridiculously bad problem. It got horrible, just bent over, was in the ER 3 weeks ago. I literally thought I was septic or something, something was wrong. My stomach was protruded out to here. It’s like crazy stuff, right?

I go on vacation, first time I’ve been on vacation in a while. Rose and I went to Mexico. Within 2 days of being on vacation everything went away. Everything went away. Here’s what interesting, my diet got worse. I wasn’t totally pigging out but I was eating whatever food I wanted to. I wasn’t censoring. If I wanted to have a little dessert, if I wanted to have a little bit of dairy or whatever I would eat it and I would eat smaller meals but I would just eat normal food. We had plenty to drink. It wasn’t too excessive and you would think that this would completely really aggravate a condition like gastritis if you know anything about it. No, it completely reversed. I’m fine, I’m 100% right now. I came back to being 100% healthy. Let me just impart to you what I learned from this.

It doesn’t matter how strong you are mentally as an entrepreneur. It does not matter at all. It doesn’t matter if you’re not showing the signs of physical stress right now like being sick or physically breaking down. The stress in your life is wearing you down physically and eventually you will pay the price and it will come out in your physical body. It will come out in your relationships. It will come out in your spiritual life if you’re a spiritual person. It will come out and this is an issue of being out of alignment, as my lovely wife says, with who you really are, with what your purpose is. I can’t think of being more out of alignment than being into a work-a-holic mode, 19 projects at once, trying to fulfill some dream of building … Oh, I have to make X amount of money or I have to be known as this guy in the marketing world or this famous person or whatever the case may be, all the while your body is being just eaten away at the inside.

By the way, my diet is very good. It did not matter. Stress overrides everything so I could work out, I could not sit down, the whole sitting is the new smoking. I could be walking 6 hours a day. None of this would matter if you’re allowing that kind of killer stress into your life. My please with you would be to look at how you can cut back on the things that are causing you stress, even if it means cutting it out entirely from your life. That may be your relationship. In my case it’s just too many companies, too much juggling. I’m just going to get rid of them. It’s not worth it. It’s just completely not worth it. What’s funny is you’ll probably end up making more money because you’re focused on one thing versus 5 and you’re allowing yourself a lot more space in the day. That’s my big takeaway message from this is that I was unaware of how much stress was affecting me physically.

People could tell me that, I could tell myself that but seeing that level of perspective and that level of shift there’s no doubt.

John: We were talking offline and you told me how you’re scaling back on your companies and having more of a narrow focus. We just got finished doing the same thing. As you know, I’m in one of the most stressful times of my life right now and I feel it physically, I feel it emotionally. I’ve been having panic attacks for the first time in my life. I’ve never had that before. What’d you do? I know there’s people listening to this, we live in a very, very high stress culture right now. What’d you do specifically other than cutting out things that you didn’t want to do in business? Was there anything else that you did that helped you overcome the stress?

Jon Benson: Oh yeah, oh gosh. I started with my number 1 strength. This may not be applicable for everyone listening to this and I totally get it because it wasn’t applicable for me until recently. I started with my number 1 strength. I turned to my best friend, someone who I consider my mentor in this area, my spiritual mentor is my wife, my sacred wife, and she has a way of speaking to me that no one else can do and she has a way of speaking to lots of people that no one else can do. She’s an extremely gifted person in this area so turning to her. It’s not always easy to listen. I’m an alpha male. It’s not always easy to listen to even someone that you love and respect as much as I do Rose, but I did and even sometimes when I didn’t listen and being stubborn and I think I’m listening, I’m not listening, I would just keep going and keep trying to keep reaching in and then finally things would settle in and just learning the importance of slowing down and getting into your flow.

I call it flow, she calls is alignment. Getting into what is true for you, what is your purpose in life? Are you living your purpose? Are you going towards your purpose or are you moving away from it? Just making the decision to move toward what I know my purpose in life is which is not to be the best copywriter in the world. It’s not even to write fitness books that have helped literally hundreds of thousands of people. My calling in life is actually more in the line of relationship work so that’s what I’m doing in 2016 is working with alpha men, alpha males in how that they can relate more to and see the divine feminine and pull this into their lives not only as a power point for them but as a liberation point for women.

It’s going to be the most passionate thing I’ve ever done and I can’t wait to do it. That, stress starts going down. Relinquishing, letting go of projects, literally farming out companies saying here, just take this and run it? That’s not an overnight thing but just knowing it’s happening frees up the stress. Again, just blocking off hours in the day to where you say I will not work during these hours. This is my time with my wife or my kid or my grandkids or whatever you have or my hobbies and you block it off and it’s sacrisant. Nothing comes in. It’s just a religious time for me. Those things along with I’ve been a lousy meditator. I’m not very good at doing it every day for 30 minutes or whatever.

John: Me too.

Jon Benson: My body has been waking me up. Last night it was 1 in the morning, I woke up at 1 in the morning, I walked in the kitchen thinking okay it’s probably 5:30, 6 o’clock and I’m going what?

John: I hate when that happens.

Jon Benson: What the hell? How am I up after I just went to bed at 11, 2 hours of sleep or whatever, I guess I had 3 hours of sleep, and I woke up and I said okay well, I laid back down, I couldn’t go back to sleep. I said I’m just going to use this time to meditate and during that meditation it was me being very still and me just saying, and you know me as someone that you would not classify as religious, someone who used to be a pastor who you would not classify as religious, I just basically was saying I surrender. I kept using those 2 words, I just surrender. Surrender is something I talk about in the book I’m writing on relationships, how surrender is one of the most powerful things and brave things a man can do. You lay your sword down at your enemy’s feet and enemy is in quotations here, it’s not really your enemy.

You lay your sword down, you’re empty handed. That takes a brave man to do that. It’s I’m laying the sword down and I’m saying I surrender. I had all this angst on the inside of me. I had all this like I’m feeling disconnected in ways. I was feeling a little disconnected in one specific way from Rose. I was feeling disconnected from Violet, our daughter. I was feeling disconnected from what I want to do in my life and it was just angst. I usually don’t have a lot of that and I just went through this process. I woke up this morning just full of juice and energy and completely stress free. Surrendering. Surrendering to what is. Surrendering to the process of life and that is much easier said than done but you have to take a step in the right direction. See what it feels like to say look, I’m just surrendering to this. It’s not a surrender like I give up. That’s not what I’m saying.

It’s a surrender saying I’m just going to allow, just going to allow what happens and responding to what comes into your life versus reacting to it.

John: Reality is most of the things we can’t control anyway. It’s funny. You introduced me to John Taylor and I just want to share this because it’s so relevant to what you’re saying. I’m talking to him actually right after this but the last time I spoke to him a couple of weeks ago after almost a year of working with him he told me, he goes this is the issue you have and he goes you need to learn how to surrender. No kidding. He goes you spent your whole life with a warrior’s armor on. He goes you need to take the armor off, put on a robe like a monk and walk humbly. He goes you don’t need the armor anymore.

What’s happening is you not only had the armor in your business life, your personal life, everywhere, he goes, but then you carry it into your relational life. He goes one person in your life may need, and we were talking about a specific person, may need somebody to protect them so every day your armor is getting poked by this person when you’re in the shower, when you’re here, your armor’s getting poked and it keeps you completely not at ease, completely always on and never allows you to talk in peace and have that peaceful feeling, that whole feeling that you’re talking about. Anyway, I just wanted to share that because it’s so relevant.

Jon Benson: It is. I love the armor analogy because as alpha males this is our default position. Our default position is the warrior. My lineage goes all the way back to the warriors of Greece and the Native Americans. You come from a long line of hunter gatherer warriors. That’s what I come from so it’s in our nature, our DNA to do that. What you find out is that the greatest battle is fought within so surrendering to that, if you want to call it surrendering to the divine if you’re a religious person, surrendering to the universe if you’re a spiritual person, surrendering to your higher self if you don’t know, that’s surrendering. The point of surrendering for me was a point of liberation and at that point you can move around the world and move around those within your world and interact with them in your highest possible self. The more that you come into that highest self the more you realize that in every single moment you can choose. The hardest lesson that I’m learning right now, and it is a hard lesson and I do have some issues with this lesson, but the hardest lesson I’m learning right now is in every single moment, in every single instance in your life you’re responsible.

To the degree that you take the responsibility, the degree that you take empowerment over that issue is to the degree of who you show up as in front of your significant other, in front of your business partners, in front of your audience. Who do you show up as? How authentic are you? My degree of authenticity is my degree of how empowered I am in the moment, how much responsibility I take within the moment. These are broad concepts. I understand that but there’s really no other way to get to what I feel is the underlying core root of what causes distress so there’s stress and then there’s distress. Stress is that chronic noise in your head. Distress is the looping thoughts that you think about that stress. It’s the looping thoughts you think about. It feeds on itself and I do believe that like tends to attract like so if you’re chaotic in your mind, if you’re chaotic in here what are you going to attract?

People are going to come to you and they’re going to bring their chaos with them and let me tell you, I created a saying for Rose and I when we first started dating, we are moving toward completion and away from chaos. Both of us came out of ridiculously chaotic relationships before this and ridiculously chaotic lifestyles and we still see the moments in our own lives where we still kind of invite chaos but it’s going this way and moving toward a state which I call completion. I get that from my biblical studies back in the day. Whole and growing being the Greek word for perfect. Completion is another way of looking at that. You’re moving toward a completed state. It’s not perfect. In our word it’s complete, it’s peaceful. Once you are resonating there it’s next to impossible to attract chaos. It just bounces off of you.

If someone comes up to you and they’re like, they’re frantic and you’re just looking at them like, it just doesn’t land. I’ll share something. One of my coaches, Annie Law, told me which I loved is she said if someone came up to me, and Annie’s very thin, she’s like very tall, thin, model like and she came up to me and someone came up to me and said Annie you’re so fat, you’re just disgustingly obese, she goes how would that affect me? You look at her like okay, there’s something wrong with you. Could you imagine the power that you would have if you could do that with anything, even the things that you believe were true? In other words, if she believed that she was, and she doesn’t believe this, I’m making this up, if Annie believed she was dumb and someone came up to her and said god Annie, you’re so dumb and that belief, on some level she believes it, you could have that same degree of empowerment and you go huh, well, that’s really interesting you should say that.

There’s nowhere for that to go. It can’t land. If it can’t land in you there’s nowhere for it to go. Now, we’re all human and there are going to be things that trigger us, believe you me. If the question is how quickly, and this is what our conversations have been is how quickly can you get past the trigger and you go oh, wait, I’m triggered in this moment and it’s probably this. Here’s what this is bringing up versus reaction and god knows we alpha males love to react. We love to punch and that’s not going to get you anywhere. I’m going to go back to my favorite Alpha, Bruce Lee, malleable. Being able to flow like water. This is not someone who’s got armor on. This is someone who’s capable of flowing through water. Armor sinks in water.

John: Yes, that’s actually a great analogy, John. You need to write that book.

Jon Benson: Me and John Taylor, right?

John: That was great.

Jon Benson: Thank you. That’s my thoughts on stress.

John: This is important because we live in an incredibly stressful environment. You write sales copy. You’re also an author. You also own several companies. You’re also a man. You’re in a relationship. You’ve got a lot going on. I’m not talking about when you’re traveling, just your regular day, give us a day in the life of John Benson. What time do you get up? How do you stay fit? How do you fit in all the work projects?

Jon Benson: Yeah, the day in my life right now is going to look nothing like the same way if you ask me 30 days from now so let me just give that parenthetical warning because a lot of the realizations that I’m sharing with you were literally happening last week and they’ve been happening for the last several months but when it comes to a head and you go oh, this isn’t going to work so a day in the life of John that was yesterday metaphorically speaking was now I get up much earlier than I used to because we have a little 4-year-old around the house most of the time so I get up at 6:30 ish around in that area and normally what the schedule would be is I would get up, eat breakfast, hang out, go work out, those kind of things which is what I’m going to be doing next week but here lately it’s been get up and go immediately into the office and start one of your 19 projects and try to check something off of the to do list.

Rose and I spend a lot of quality time together. We are very, very good at that but that could easily dissipate if this was to continue for years so I will spend hours in my day with my wife. I’d much rather spend 6 than 1 and I would love to do that just to be around her and to be in her presence and for me if I could make the schedule it’s like make love, eat, make love.

John: We all want that schedule.

Jon Benson: Yeah, yeah. Now you can go write some sales copy, that’d be awesome. That is kind of how my schedule has been for some of the days but not as many as I would like. The workouts in the past when I’m training regularly are only 3 days a week. I start training with Clark Bertram next week and it’s 3 days a week so typical workouts for me are 45 minutes long, 50 minutes long max. They’re high intensity training, lots of density training. I’ll get as many sets in as little time as possible. I love the Vince [inaudible 00:25:11] approach, 8 sets of 8, always have loved that. Then I transfer that into old school body building and old school power lifting, 3 sets and pyramid down to 5 reps of barbell presses or whatever.

Then the rest of it’s diet. Diet for me is everything. It’s been 75% of the game. For me it’s like keeping myself energized means keeping my carbs under 100 grams a day, preferably under 60. I do well with low carbs.

John: That’s funny. I respond best under 50 or 60 as well.

Jon Benson: Yeah, I think a lot of people do and the 4-day diet was the book I just wrote. It talks about spiking on the 4th day and getting those carbs in and so that side of things is pretty straightforward with the exception that most people probably don’t do that low of carbohydrate but as far as the training goes. One thing I’m not doing that I used to do a lot of is walk. I know it sound really lame but I love walking for cardio. Rosie walks faster than I do so I really want to get back into walking and so she and I, that’s something I’ve got on the to do list to do. I just moved so when you move you get a little like I moved from Malibu to San Diego and where is everything? We’re mapping things out and findings places to walk.

That’s the general day. It has been juggling 3 companies and multiple projects with multiple high end writing clients and things like that and I just decided to … You ever see the movie Office Space?

John: Oh yeah, yeah.

Jon Benson: I kind of feel like the main character where he’s like I’ve been running these companies and I don’t think I’m going to do that anymore. I don’t like that very much and I’m just not going to do that anymore. What are you going to do for money? I never liked bills that much. I don’t think I’m going to pay them. It’s not quite that extreme because I am doing some very strategic things with the companies but I’m relinquishing a lot of what I’ve been doing on the management side and going much more for a higher level oversight and giving away a lot of the percentage of the revenue, a lot more than most people would probably be comfortable with knowing that that’s going to be a higher take home at the end.

John: Yeah, now you’ve mentioned walking for cardio and you and I are on the same page as far as cardio and resistance training and nutrition. Would you mind explaining to everybody what you do for cardio, what you think is good for cardio because you carry abs year round, you’re very fit, like me you’re over 50. You stay in great shape, muscular, lean and the average American or average person thinks that in order to do that they need to be on the treadmill all day long. What’s your concept on cardio versus resistance training?

Jon Benson: It’s simple. The more carbs you eat the more cardio you have to do. It’s that simple. There’s some benefits for heart health for doing cardio for 30 minutes 4 times a week, totally that, but the studies are very clear that walking, brisk walking is every bit as advantageous with the exception of you want to do 3 to 5 minutes of peak intensity cardio work at the end of a workout and if you do that 3 or 4 days a week you’ve got your heart covered. The rest of it’s walking and so by the way that 3 to 5 minutes I like to do a Stair Master when I’m in shape. Right now I’m not in what I consider shape so if I’m in shape I can do that. It doesn’t sound like a long time.

I know guys that can do an hour on the Stair Master but that’s not me. I’ve never been an endurance guy but after a workout, after a high intensity training workout and you burn off those 3 fatty acids of 5 minutes on the Stair Master going at 85% heart rate that’s pretty good and that’s all you need for your heart. You don’t need much more than that if you’re walking. The walking I love to do 45 minutes in a shot at least so that’s great. Walking briskly, especially if you’re walking your body doesn’t have much more to burn than body fat. There’s lots of controversy around this and people say yeah, it burns body fat but high intensity does more so you do both. That’s the answer. It’s not either or, you do both. Walking is so much healthier for you.

John: Lifting weights, that’s our high intensity intervals. You do a set, take a rest, do a set …

Jon Benson: If you do it right, yeah.

John: If you do it right that’s the way I look at it. I know you and I, we typically don’t take much more than 30 or 40 second rest anyway between sets.

Jon Benson: Yeah and if I’m doing 8 sets of 8 I take 15, 20. Yeah, that’s a different style of training. If you’re doing that kind of training and you’re in shape to do it, you have to be in shape to do it, fueled to do it then yeah, it just beats the hell out of cardio. I just don’t do, yeah. I don’t do the elliptical, Stair Master 45 minute sessions. It doesn’t burn enough calories to make sense and it just is so freaking mind numbing.

John: Oh, it is mind numbing.

Jon Benson: I just won’t do it so you’ve gotta do things that you’re actually going to do and I’ve kind of gotten really good at figuring out how do I make a diet that now is actually a lot more limited than it has been in any other time in my life because I recently cut out gluten, dairy, and nitrates. I added nitrates back in because fortunately I tested and I’m fine on nitrate. I was seeing if it would affect psoriasis, I was seeing if it would affect other things but the only dairy that I eat right now is grass fed butter in my bulletproof coffee and that’s it. I have no gluten except for it might sneak in in a sauce here or there but it’s like no breads, nothing like that. Some Paleo bread, things like that.

That’s a big step for me to get away from that because I’m already not doing a lot of the starchy carbohydrates so it’s even more limiting but my claim to fame has been like every 4th day you can spike something up and every other 4th day I’d go out and eat like a cheeseburger. I haven’t had a cheeseburger in, man it’s been 3, 4 months now. I’m long overdue.

John: I like a cheeseburger and fries now and again.

Jon Benson: I like a good cheeseburger, man. I do like a good cheeseburger. On the other hand, I don’t want to tear up my system so that’s how I do it. Find the cheat meals that you like that work and I believe in having them, if you keep your carbs low have a little bit of cheat meal every 4th day. You never feel like you’re on a diet and just don’t do anything stupid. Don’t like have a cheat meal where it’s like some huge piece of pizza that’s like this big or something.

John: Yeah, and a cheesecake after it.

Jon Benson: Yeah, exactly. You’re never going to get anywhere and you’re going to feel like crap. My mantra is to keep calories low, keep the carbs low at the same time and then spike them every 4th day.

John: Good, well I appreciate it. I want to honor your time. I know you’ve got a lot of things to do and you’ve gotta get off in a few minutes anyway. Is there anything that I missed or anything that you want to share with people regarding restoration or anything else that you feel like we’ve missed?

Jon Benson: Yeah, one thing. I’m going to go back to something that Rose told me yesterday. For the guys listening to me on here if you’re in a relationship right now I’m not 100% sold on this but I’m going to defer to her and say that yeah, she’s probably right. The woman that you’re with is actually who you’re supposed to be with right now even if it’s not the woman you’re supposed to be with. There’s things that you need to learn from the person you’re with. She is a mirror. Women are basically designed to be mirrors to men. In other words they’re kind of in charge. Now we’re in charge from the alpha state. We’ll take control and we’ll conquer. They’re in charge and if you don’t understand that that dynamic is existing forget the relationship, it will never work and you will end up hating women and you will end up miserable and you’ll wonder why.

Why did your woman leave you? Why did your woman cheat on you? Why did your woman not give you X, Y, and Z? Whatever the case may be. I find the best restoration for me, the best way to restore myself is to seek the greatest amount of radiance and pleasure for my wife. I am after her pleasure, her radiance, her liberation. Those 3 things are my words that I like to think of, her pleasure, her radiance, her liberation. If my woman is radiant, I’m doing everything right and that does not mean, guys, just in case you’re curious, that does not mean that you are a doormat. I am anything but. What that means is you are standing in your own truth as a man and she can rest against you. She can rest against you like she’s leaning against an iron building and in so she can rest, she can feel safe, she can feel secure, she can be in her feminine and you will get everything that you’ve ever wanted and a lot more from this experience.

It will challenge you to the degree that you will not believe but in all of that comes a sense of restoration that cannot be fulfilled in any other way that I’ve personally ever found. I know people find restoration in the spiritual practices and things but to me this is my spiritual place.

John: That’s important. In closing, what is the best website for people to find you?

Jon Benson: I have no idea.

John: How about Facebook friending you?

Jon Benson: Let’s put it this way, exists. It’s so funny, I am the only internet marketer probably in the top echelon of internet marketers, I’m not trying to brag or anything that literally doesn’t have a website. Obviously and and all that but I don’t have like an identity site. We’re going to build out so go there probably but it’s like I literally don’t have one. I don’t spell my name with an H. If you go to the other guy’s I think he’s a sports bookie or something.

John: You can also find Jon on Facebook.

Jon Benson: Facebook, yeah, Jon D. Benson. Find me on Facebook and read all my funny posts.

John: There you go. Jon, thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it. In closing guys I just want to tell you that the man you’re watching right now, and I said this in the beginning but I’ve got to say it again, he single handedly turned my life and my business around. When I met him my house was under foreclosure, I didn’t have a car for 4 years previous to that, even working 18 hours a day. Then Jon came into my life and we’ve built a very, very substantial business and it’s been wonderful so Jon I want to thank you for the role you’ve played in my life and folks listening, I want you to take everything he said seriously because he’s one of the smartest, most giving people that I know. Thank you, Jon.

Jon Benson: Thank you John, I appreciate that.

John: Guys, if you want to learn more about Jon go to, J-O-N. If you want to learn more about us and UX3 meal replacement, UX3 perfect meal formula go to Thanks so much for joining us today. Have a great day, thank you.

Jon Benson: Thanks.



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