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Put Some Spring in Your Step!

Now that spring is sprung, and good weather is making a comeback, it’s time to kick your cardio sessions into high gear. If you want to exhibit your best self by summer, it’s time to make cardio a regular part of your life.

You might have some serious motivation propelling you out the door, like an upcoming vacation, reunion or a special event like a wedding. Whatever your reasons for getting yourself going, wouldn’t it be a lot more fun and easier to do if you added some upbeat music to the mix?

According to Sports Medicine Expert, Elizabeth Quinn, in an article about music and motivation on the website About.com, making a workout playlist of your favorite songs and matching the tempo with the pace of your workout can keep you working out longer and even harder. I don’t know about you, but music can completely change my mood. I could be driving home from a tough workday and feeling down, when all of a sudden, one of my favorite songs will start playing on the radio and viola! I’m dancing in my seat, feeling great and reliving all the great memories that songs brings to mind.

Use this power! Why not harness the mood-boosting and energizing qualities your favorite music has for you? Don’t drag yourself down by listening to the same boring tunes over and over to the point where you no longer even feel motivated enough to get through the song. Take some time to review your playlists and update your music with some fresh, energizing tracks.

Refreshing your music selection will also help you get excited about your next workout. If you need some new music, take a look at these Best 100 Workout Songs from Fitness Magazine. Get moving to the beat. This might be exactly what you need to make your workouts fun again and put a little spring in your next steps!



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