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Chapter 1

Sometimes a blank page is so welcoming.. a gift! . You get to create the story fresh the way you want it!

As an author I know that there is no such thing as a blank page. You start, crumble, delete, erase and start over again until you get it right… sometimes it isn’t even right but it is the way you want it. Often, at least in my case, it goes against the grain of the publisher. At that point you have a choice… cave in or write your book! I’ve always chosen to write my book.

So much like life.. no blank pages, just taking the pages you already have and creating the story of your life out of the story of your life. You can cave in and live a life less then you want or go against the grain and really live with no regrets.

I think we forget that every day is Chapter One.. I know I have! The incredible thing is we can change the story and even the table of contents any time we want. It is simply a decision, which isn’t so simple sometimes. But absolutely necessary if you want the book of your life to be yours and not something someone else wrote!

Are you living your book or are you allowing someone else to be the author of your life?



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