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Discover Rookie Mistakes You’re Probably Making And How To Turn Them To You’re Advantage!

You are probably making some common rookie mistakes that we have all made.  The good news is they can be stopped with just a few slight changes and your body will respond like a like a Ferrari taking a tight corner.  Fast and effectively!

Simple Change #1:  Many people do cardio before their weight training.  If you are doing this STOP!  Your body needs glycogen (blood sugar) for energy during your weight training and you body can’t burn fat until the glycogen is depleted.  Deplete your glycogen while lifting weights and then do your cardio and go right to torching fat.

Simple Change #2:  If you are only doing cardio to lose fat then you are in trouble.  You will end up skinny and fat all while damaging your metabolism.  Metabolism is just a twenty-dollar word that means muscle.  Well not exactly but close enough.  The more muscle you have the more calories you body burns, even at rest.  Make resistence training the core of your workout program and then cardio as an addition.  This will give you  the 1-2 punch of lifelong weight loss success.

Simple Change #3:  Simple but not easy.  Cut out your un-healthy, fat producing carbs.  Fat control = Carb control.  Your body CAN NOT but fat as long as your body has glycogen to use as fuel.  It doesn’t matter if you love pasta, bread, ice cream and snacks.  As long as you are eating enough carbs so your body can’t burn fat, you will stay fat.  Plain and simple.

Simple Change #4:  EAT the weight off DON’T Starve it off.  You have to eat in order to lose fat.  I don’t care what any of the moron diet guru’s say.  You have to eat and eat a lot in order to be healthy, lean, vibrant and energetic.  Also what you eat is very important.  Eat all the lean protein you want in the form of fish, poultry, lean beef, lean pork, bison, etc.  Keep in mind the less legs it has the better the source of protein.

Simple Change #5:  This is really common sense but with all the diets on the market it has become so confusing.  With the diet industry being over a twenty BILLION dollar a year business it pays to confuse you…ok… end of rant… pay attention to how your body responds to everything!  How are you responding to your workouts?  Are you working out too much or not enough?  When you eat only protein and veggies how are you responding? Well I will tell you right now, the fat will melt off!  But when you start adding some good carbs back in like yams, how is your body responding?  Are you losing fat or adding fat?

Simple Change #6:  This is an extension of number 5.  Take personal responsibility for yourself.  As you pay attention to the changes in your body, take note and change as necessary.

Simple Change #7:  This puts weight loss, fitness or anything else in your life on autopilot!  Make eat healthy and exercising a habit.  Just imagine if you replaced just six disempowering habits a year with six empowering habits a year?  That would be six habits that were holding you back that would be completely gone and replaced with habits that were catapulting you to success.  Let me ask you this… do you think your life would be different six months to a year from now if you did that.  Most people say yes and if that is you choose one habit right now.  NO don’t wait til tomorrow do it right now.  What habit are you going to banish from your life?  Eating a high carb breakfast, or no breakfast at all with an omelet?  Ok that was simple start there.

Make eating and exercising a habit and your life will change before your very eyes.  Imagine looking in the mirror just a month or two from now and seeing a leaner, thinner you, the you, you always dreamed of.  It is no longer a dream, implement these steps and they will become your new reality!

Start today for a better tomorrow!!



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