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Run From The Guru’s…..

One way to get into incredible shape is to delete or throw away everything that you have that is from a self proclaimed “guru”

Diet guru’s, exercise guru’s, fitness guru’s, health guru’s are just a bunch of regular guys and gals that put a little effort into learning about fitness, fat loss and health and a lot more time into learning how to market their marginal skills.

You will get into much better shape if you “ran” the other way when you hear the word guru then you will by buying their snake oil.

On their other hand there are incredible experts out there that can make a hug impact in your life.

How can you tell the difference?  Usually the experts live what they preach and are very passionate about it.  It comes through.  The key is to read and learn what works and then you will be able to tell the difference.  Until then if it walks like dog, barks like a dog and eats out of a bowl, the odds are good it’s a dog.



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