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How A Bee Sting May Be Your Secret To Weight Loss

You may be wondering what a Bee Sting has to do with weight loss.

More then you would think.

Healthy foods you are eating right now cause the same reaction in your body as a bee sting. When a bee stings you your body swells up. For some it swells up enough to be uncomfortable and very noticeable and for others they swell up like a balloon.

This is all due healthy foods you are eating right now called goitrogenic foods. People flip out when I tell them that “healthy foods” they are eating right now like oatmeal and asparagus can cause a two pound weight gain and hasten the aging process.

How does something so good turn out so bad? It is simply an inflammatory response from how these foods react with your body. The body is very complex and I like to keep things simple and usable. The long and short of it is, reactive foods cause a domino effect that we normally associate with aging, like expanding waistline, reduced energy or health problems.

So you eat a goitrogenic food, which causes a histamine response. Histamine is important to your body but too much will make you swell and make you look like you drank a gallon of water all at once, because capillaries dilate, allowing them to leak fluid, which causes immediate water retention.

In the movie “My Girl” Macaulay Culkin was stung by hornets and dies. In the movie it just says it was from an “allergic reaction” and it is very likely this was a very severer histamine reaction. This is just a guess and that was just a movie but my point is histamine is an allergic reaction that can cause unexpected health consequences as well as make you look fat and bloated.

Unfortunately most people are unaware that certain foods…. Even healthy foods…. Do the same exact think! They cause your body to produce more histamine, and you end up looking fat at night, when you’re really just water-bloated! Not good if you want to look lean and fit.

When your body has food sensitivity it can negatively affect your health and weight. There is a hormonal cascade when you eat foods that your body is sensitive to that wreaks havoc on your hormones. So besides looking fat and bloated, your hormones are also effected having a more permanent effect on your weight and health.

In order to control your body’s response to histamine, your body produces cortisol. Cortisol along with hormones such as testosterone and progesterone use the same elements. The more cortisol that your body releases the more your hormonal system is negatively affected. Simply put cortisol cancels out your testosterone and progesterone. This hormonal cascade affects everything from water balance, thyroid function, sex drive, water retention, and your immune system.

If this isn’t bad enough it gets even worse! As your cortisol levels rise it affects your glucose (blood sugar) levels. It is very possible that this is one of the leading factors in the epidemic rise in type 2 diabetes in the US. Type 2 diabetes is one of the leading causes of death and has some life threatening consequences such as heart disease, stroke, blindness, chronic kidney disease, and amputations.

This will also start to cause a nasty gut fungus. It starts by yeast growth, which alters your gut flora. Messing up your gut flora leads to a weakened immune system because the bacteria in your intestines are out of whack. Some say as much as 60-70% of our immune system is in our guts!   Some even put it higher then that.

There is a very simple way to get around this. Eat foods that do not give you a histamine reaction. Start eating steak, hard cheese, whole eggs, lamb, chicken, broccoli and scallops.

I am going to get more into this and give you more information but if you just ate the above foods and pay attention to how your body responds to those foods you will make huge progress.

I call this the E-Factor Diet which has helped anyone I have told about it to lose weight….FAST and keep it off, feel healthier and look younger. For now just be aware of how your body responds to certain foods and I hope to have more information to you about the E-Factor Diet soon!



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