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First Things First

There is an undeniable power and momentum that comes from an empowering start to your day.

The opposite is also true, there is an undeniable and disempowering momentum that comes from starting your day off on the wrong foot.

Health, fitness, clarity, energy, creativity, peace, focus, success, etc all result from starting your day off in positive way.

Decide what is most important for you and do that first thing in the morning.

Here is a short list of possibilities:

  • Eat an energetic breakfast
  • Exercise
  • Walk the dog
  • Prayer
  • Read The Bible
  • Walk the dog and pray (multi – tasking) 🙂
  • Get to the gym
  • Write out a list of goals for the day

This is just a list of options. I like to read my bible, pray, have a protein shake, do some writing while I am digesting and then workout. I get all this done before most people even get to work.

If being fit and healthy is important to you, working out first thing in the morning may be your ticket to outstanding health.  Many people simple don’t have the time during the day to exercise so doing this before your day begins will get it out of the way and super charge your day in the process.

Another important thing is to eliminate negative influences from your life. Sometimes this isn’t possible so do your best to minimize them because they can suck the life out of your day before it ever starts.

Spend a little time planning out your day and you will reap benefits beyond our wildest dreams. I personally think taking care of yourself first thing in the morning is very important because you can’t serve the world when you are not at 100%

If you have any morning routines that you have found useful please post them on my Facebook page.



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